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Reiki Healing

What is Reiki Healing? 

Reiki is a method of healing that allows us to use this universal energy of love and light as a way to facilitate healing in others. As a channel, it is with loving intention that I open my heart, allowing Universal Life Force flow into my body, and flow through my hands onto my clients.  Reiki removes and releases stagnant energy blocked in the body. The therapy works  to balance the chakra system and can cleanse our aura.

Reiki Healing session information

Standard consultation

60 mins

Distant Reiki Healing


Group of 3 Reiki Healings





Free flowing energy improves
health and well being.

Why choose Reiki?

Many of us experience negative emotions and feelings. Often we don’t do anything about them. If these feelings and emotions are not released, they are stored in the body and over time this can lead to illness and disease.

During a session you will feel a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.You may feel emotional after the session however this is just clearing a blockage and is a positive sign of healing. Within a short time you feel energised, uplifted and lighter at the end of the session.

Reiki is now offered through Distant Healing also - Contact Lisa to discuss set up and appointment times.

Who can benefit from Reiki Healing?

Everyone can benefit from Reiki. 

Anyone needing to:



Nurture themselves

Reiki is especially helpful for those of us feeling challenged by:


Mental blockages

Emotional blockages

Negative thoughts

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