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Client Testimonials

Reiki Healing Session Information

"I loved my kinesiology session with Lisa. She is professional and perceptive. I was so relaxed and was made to feel safe and comfortable, even when speaking about issues that I’m working on and can sometimes trigger me in unpleasant ways. By the end of the session, my perspective and energy had shifted, and I felt lighter both physically and emotionally. It’s clear how passionate and dedicated to her practice Lisa is, and I highly recommend the process for anyone who is interested in clearing obstacles that might be in the way of you moving forward."

Kirsti, Health and Wellness Coach

"Kinesiology feels really beneficial for me. It’s like meditation with a bit more talking. It helps me feel more relaxed, but also has been really good for my parenting and well being. Parenting is a relentless job, kinesiology sessions have been great for me to de-stress and re-group. In the week after the session I am a better parent, a kinder person and happier in myself. I would recommend it."

Naomi, Speech Therapist

It is with a million thanks Lisa for your patience and mastery of your craft that I was able to move forward in my journey... well not only forward but out of what I thought was even possible for me. Because of our work on me I was able to think clearer to see my future and able to reconnect with love ones that will offer support as I move into the next learning phase of life . Ps I still love Rose Geranium

Kerry, Psychologist


From the heart...

Kinesiology was such a

positive experience for me!

Lisa’s gentle approach and her passion for what she is doing was so evident, and I walked away feeling relaxed and empowered. I highly recommend giving it a go!

Dana, Designer

Singing Bowl Tranquil Heart

"Lisa's calming spirit brings a breathe of fresh air into my otherwise hectic schedule.  Between kids and running my own business, it is hard to find a little time to myself.  Coming to you for Kinesiology and Reiki gives me the downtime I need, to find balance and clarity in this fast-paced, ever-changing world."

Helen, Graphic Designer

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